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Apple has been hit with yet another patent infringement fine. A federal jury in California has found the tech giant guilty of infringing on two patents held by Canadian intellectual property company WiLan. The jury awarded WiLan $145.1 million in damages.

It seems that Apple’s iPhones were found to infringe on two patents (No. 8,457,145 and No. 8,537,757) related to wireless communications technology. Apple confirmed it plans to appeal. The company earlier rejected claims of infringement in pre-trial filings.

This is the second time the companies have met in court. Apple was found not guilty of infringing on other WiLan wireless networking technology patents in October 2013.

WiLan was founded in 1992 in Ottawa as a creator of wireless broadband technologies, but the business has changed to a patent licensing firm. It now acquires intellectual property and charges fees for companies to use it.

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