In case you missed the few opportunities around Black Friday to find the Apple HomePod for $249 — $100 off of its usual price — here’s another one. B&H Photo is offering a limited supply of the HomePod in both its black or white color options for $249. For perspective, $249 for a new HomePod is still $50 cheaper than Apple offers for refurbished models.

There are a lot of smart speakers on the market from the likes of Google and Amazon, but Apple’s debut to the space is unique in a few ways. It’s tailor-made for those who are all in on Apple products and services (though, not super friendly to those outside of that walled garden.) It’s small, yet it can fill most rooms with clear, detailed audio, and it’s compatible with AirPlay 2.

Each sale of the HomePod at this price point has sold through completely, so it’s likely that B&H Photo’s stock will deplete rather quickly, as well.

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