Microsoft is planning to update its OneNote app on Windows 10 with a new dark mode option. The software maker is adding dark mode to many of its popular apps, including Outlook for iOS and Outlook on the web. Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia has managed to get an early look at the OneNote dark mode, and Microsoft VP of OneNote, Laura Butler, has confirmed dark mode and a “majorly” improved navigation system is on the way.

It’s still early work for the OneNote dark mode, but it appears that if you enable it on a Windows 10 PC it will carry over to the mobile versions for iOS or Android. Microsoft also appears to be keeping the main sheet that you add notes to white, probably to ensure it’s a little more readable for existing notes.

While Microsoft has confirmed the new OneNote dark mode, the company has not yet revealed when we can expect to see this on Windows 10 machines. “It’s not even fully available in internal dogfood” beta test versions says Butler, so it will be a little while yet.

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