German camera maker Leica is facing heat from Chinese censors and nationalistic internet users who are leaving angry comments after it launched an ad dramatizing the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Leica has been censored on the social media platform Weibo, as independently verified by The Verge and reported by the South China Morning Post.

The nearly five-minute video titled “The Hunt” depicts a photojournalist resisting interrogation from Chinese police and managing to stay in his hotel room so that he can snap a photo of a lone protester standing in front of police tanks, blocking their path. His scenes are interspersed with clips of other life-threatening situations around the world. The end of the video says: “This film is dedicated to those who lend their eyes to make us see.” The image of the Tank Man has become iconic, and no one knows what happened to that man. (Some suspect he was killed.) It’s also a heavily pro-democracy message that strikes a nerve with China whose censors are gearing up for the upcoming 30th anniversary of the protests on June 4th.

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