When it came time to create his next live-action mystery game Telling Lies, Her Story creator Sam Barlow had a few key components in mind. He knew he wanted a story that was made up entirely of secretly recorded clips, ones that would often be viewed out of order by players. He also knew that he wanted to have players experience both sides of the conversation, but not at the same time; you might watch a husband speaking to his wife over Skype, but while she’s talking you’re only able to view his reactions. “My original pitch was ‘I think it’s going to be interesting to watch someone’s face whilst they listen,’” Barlow explains.

It’s an intriguing concept, but it also came with one slight problem: how was the team going to actually film all of this?

For Her Story, filming was relatively simple. The entire experience consisted of a series of video clips, all pulled from police interrogation tapes, of a single woman discussing a particular crime. Players then had to scrub through the videos in search of clues for what really happened. Barlow’s second release, which rebooted WarGames as an interactive TV show, maintained the found footage concept, but added multiple characters, and viewers were able to change their focus during conversations in real time, subtly changing the story along the way.

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